The SPA Program

Our programs:
The SPA Program is designed for children between the ages of 4 and 14 years old of all abilities to teach them the basics of the game and help develop and nurture their talents in a friendly enviroment.

Youth Program:
SPA offers soccer training on a year-round and seasonal basis for youth participants between ages 15 and 21 years old and is geared towards helping them get the right start to football development and to build a career in football.

All Stars program: Open to players of all ages for regular individual trainings, Organizations, groups, teams and club members.

Holiday Programs: We also provide the holiday programs to keep kids engaged, help them develop their physical skills and talents.

Our Academy provides an opportunity for good players to be selected by our partners in major football clubs to boost their football career and give them a chance to be international players In the best teams in the World.


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