Soccer for Peace Foundation, SPF is an international foundation with global network of leaders, youth assemblies, adults, and of races who have dedicated themselves to practices that promote peace using soccer as a means of peaceful co-existence, entertainment, physical and spiritual upliftment for the underprivileged youths, adults and children.


The 2015 General Elections was very crucial most significant to all Nigerians at home and abroad. in fact in some quarters, it has been described as ‘mother of all elections’ this was true, because it was going to be an election which will determine whether Nigeria will remain as one nation or disintegrate, especially as world leaders have predicted many years ago that by 2015 Nigeria will ‘break into piece. Nigeria is the only hope of Nigerians and how can SPF change the mind-set of especially the youths and adults for a peaceful elections, free from political violence. For SPF, this becomes a task that must be done, and a change must have to be effected prayerfully, and through the power of soccer. In the words of Nelson Mandela “Sport, like football has the power to change the world. It has the power to unite in a way that little else does it speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair. It is more powerful than government in breaking down racial/tribal barriers. It laughs in the face of all types of discrimination”

SPF decided to stage a novelty peace football match for INEC General Elections slated for 28th March, and 11th1 April 2015 in partnership with Rotary International Club members. The match was between members of SPF, members of Rotary Club foundation of Kubwa Gateway D9125 and the mixed teams representing the fourteen political parties registered by INEC for the General Elections.

Other distinguishes personalities receiving certificate of participation.

In delivering his key note address, Dr. Chinedu S. Nneji has this to say “The novelty peace football match about to be watched is like the forth coming general elections. The event is a remarkable one in life of all Nigerians. Football as we know is a sport that has built up one family always and it is a diplomatic agent for peace and unity universally. The spirit of football has no discrimination on account of one’s religion inclination or ethnic background.”

In fact, sport like football has succeeded in given a practical and enduring meaning and substance to citizenship such that Nigerians diversities, whether they are from the north, east, south or west will live together as members of one family with advanced human affinity. Conclusively, the commandant general said “Peace not Violence, is a treasure, peace is a global yearning, it is security it brings employment, it educates and empowers, it breeds love and unity A peaceful hearts builds a nation and a peaceful home builds a nation. These are all attributes of football


The foundation congratulates all Nigerians for the very successful conduct of the Presidential, Governorship and legislative elections on March 28th and 11” April, 2015 respectively. This is the Nigeria of our dream, where tribes, tongues and region may differ, but we stand united and committed to taking Nigeria to the’ level of greatness. The foundation further congratulates Nigerians for sending out a message to the world that we are determined people. That we have resolved to be part of the progressive world, ready to enjoy full life and leave a legacy worthy of emulation for our children and generation to come. We thank President Goodluck Jonathan for showing exemplary love for the nation by taking that bold step of conceding defeat when he did. The nation needed a gentleman, and it got a President and a gentleman to scuttle the doom Sayers’ wishes.

Our sincere message goes to the President-elect General Muhammadu Buhari that this victory at the pools is a huge nation burden. Nigerians have dreamed of great expectations and acted to make their dreams a reality by putting the burden on you to make it happen. Nigeria, therefore, is indisputably your constituency: Nigeria cannot work if the units that made it up work at cross roads. Nigeria has to work as one; a land of justice for all and accessible opportunity for betterment for every citizen. The election was indeed an opening for true reconciliation and healing; a great opportunity to build trust across the board and nation.

SPF thanked the management staff and other participants for successfully staging the Novelty Peace Football Match for 2015 INEC General Elections.

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