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 Become a Funding Sponsor

In order to support its programs and peace-building efforts, Soccer for Peace is currently seeking sponsorship. We believe that though soccer and sports in general, we can help strengthen cultural harmony and further the global peace agenda. If you would like to be a part of the process of social change and community development, and want to make a difference to the lives of others, please consider sponsoring Soccer for Peace.


Become a Volunteer

Volunteer today and be part of the exciting “Peace Team” family. We are constantly looking for volunteers to help deliver year round peace programs dedicated to promoting global peace, social change and community development. Please contact a Peace Team Volunteer Coordinator by email:

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Our Team and Our Peace Ambassadors

 Our Ambassadors are passionately committed to year-round global programs and practices that promote peace using soccer as a means of entertainment, peaceful co-existence, and physical and spiritual uplift for underprivileged youth, adults, and children.

Members of the Peace Team, Volunteers, and Supporters are provided with unique opportunities to engage with our Ambassadors through invite-only events, exclusive videos, and more.

Big Names… Peacemakers… Please support our cause